Happy 4th of July!

The 4th of July always gets me thinking about independence and freedom. Americans are so fortunate to have the freedom to make choices, lots of them!  With Independence Day fresh in our memories, I encourage everyone to act upon their right to choose in these specific ways:

  • Choose to be successful.  Success is not about luck.  It is achieved through deliberate behaviors and decisions.  If we choose to set goals, execute upon strategies, and follow-up on our plans, we are essentially choosing to be successful.
  • Choose to market your business.  Attend events, use social media, maintain websites and network within your industries are all options to choose to participate in.
  • Choose to maintain relationships.  It takes a conscious effort to build relationships over time.  It is important to  make an effort to work at the relationships that are important to your personal and business lives.
  • Choose to be happy.  Being happy in our work is probably one of the most important choices we have in life.  If we enjoy what we do, we will choose to work hard at it and reap the benefits.

When celebrating Independence Day this year, reflect upon all of the choices that you have made over the years. Understand why you have been successful and then choose to repeat that behavior.  You can’t possibly lose!  Happy Independence Day!