Sales Take Time. Don’t Give Up!

I came across an interesting statistic recently.  In any sales environment (including professional services), research shows that it takes 8 ‘no’ responses from one individual before a sale is made.  Eight!  That is a lot of no’s!

Here is something even more interesting.  52% of all people trying to make a sale give up after the first ‘no’ and 95% of all people trying to make a sale give up after the 4th ‘no’.  Those are big statistics in my opinion.  They are also very compelling. Why?  For a few reasons:

  • Relationships.  These figures confirm that relationships do matter. Regardless of what kind of relationship you are building (i.e. personal or business), it takes a long time to build trust and loyalty.
  • Persistence.  I see these figures as ringing endorsements for not giving up.  The old cliche isn’t too far off.  Anything worth having takes time and effort.
  • Know your Audience.  With so much time investment, it is even more important to know who your purchasers are and what they think is important in a product or service.  You can ask 100 times for a sale, but if you are approaching the wrong audience, you will never make a sale.
  • Take care of your Customers.  Once you do make the sale, keep the future business coming by providing outstanding service.  Continue to groom relationships long after the initial transaction has taken place.

In closing, I want to just remind you that it is also important to recognize your hard work (and congratulate yourself!) when you do make a sale.  The sales process should not be taken lightly.  It is hard work.  It takes time, persistence and know-how.  Enjoy the success for just a moment before you move on.