Virtually every law firm and lawyer has an online presence today. Law firm websites, blogs, videos and social media posts are all part of a digital legal marketing footprint that pieces together a story about you and your services. Digital legal marketing supports in-person business development activities, allowing people to see what you offer before they engage you. Unfortunately, it is too easy to make a bad impression online. Working with an experienced legal marketing firm marketing consultant will help your firm create and manage an online presence that matches a polished in-person reputation. Digital marketing and content marketing provides endless opportunities to show your best knowledge through content. To learn more about how you may develop initiatives that grow your practice, please contact Deb.


Research shows that online visitors spend less than a minute on any website. If visitors don’t find what they expect to see in the first 30 seconds of scanning a law firm website, they will navigate away to another website in search of what they want. Grabbing that visitor’s attention quickly is crucial to keeping them engaged and wanting to learn more about you and your law firm’s services. That task can feel overwhelming, but with the right help, it can be done.

With experience in launching websites of all sizes and budgets, I guide law firm clients through the process of developing a budget, understanding needs for the site, finding the right provider, and managing the project from start-to-finish. Additional services include organizing the sitemap, writing and editing content, and selecting images that tell the right story. Once the site is launched, I also offer content maintenance and strategies for ongoing visibility.


Sharing your knowledge on a topic is key to positioning yourself as an industry thought leader. Blogging for lawyers can be a simple tool that allow you to reach an audience who is looking for your services and solutions. By creating and sharing on-point content, you slowly build credibility in a crowded marketplace.

Contrary to popular belief, blogging doesn’t need to involve a huge commitment. The initiative only needs to be focused, cover relevant topics, and be produced consistently over a period of time. Law firm Legal Blogging initiatives need to be realistic for the lawyer and useful for the reader. To that end, I work with lawyers and their firms to launch successful law firm blogs and practice specific blogging strategies. Together, we develop a blogging process that fits your firm’s staffing, time and financial resources from inception to launch. Additional blogging services include identifying law firm blog topics, developing a blogging platform, managing ongoing editorial processes, copyediting, posting content and sharing posts externally through a variety of tools.