Using an integrated approach to marketing communications helps top law firms develop visibility and client loyalty. A firm’s marketing communication strategy and communication plans are a fundamental and complex part of a firm’s overall marketing effort. In fact, it serves as the support system to all business development activities. Having precise language that describes your valuable services increases the odds that clients will hire you for their most pressing legal needs. Strategizing with an experienced legal marketing professional allows lawyers to craft targeted messages that tell a clear and compelling story.

When law firms assemble a marketing communications plan, there are many options to consider. Taking the time to explore multi-pronged approaches with a legal marketing consultant who has experience in the industry can make a big difference. Marketing communications plans may include components such as:

  • Advertising for print and electronic media
  • Direct mail such as client announcement letters and email communications
  • E-marketing
  • Key messaging for stakeholders and target audiences
  • Press releases and media outreach
  • Linked In and Facebook posts and Tweets
  • Videos and podcasts
  • Website and law firm blog content
  • Written content for print and electronic uses