If you work in a law firm or in professional services, you are in the relationship business. That means who you know, what you bring to a relationship and how you communicate with people really matters. In other words, strong business development skills separate the best from the rest.

In deciding on the right business development strategies for your law firm, there is no single activity that will increase effectiveness, expand clients or grow income. Relationship development activities are incremental, with cumulative effects over time. A coordinated set of focused initiatives contributes to a well-rounded marketing plan that results in new business.

Using a business development coach can help streamline that process. Through a coaching program, you will learn to evaluate opportunities, understand targeting and strategize on how to best position yourself to win the work. Taking advantage of coaching allows you to harness my experience with hundreds of lawyers, across multiple practice areas. It will provide you with a sounding board and thoughtful feedback that facilitates an efficient law firm training and development approach to getting the work you want.

Law firm business development coaching sessions will cover a range of skills trainings such as how to ask for business, prioritizing networks and using online tools, like Linked In.

To explore what your coaching program may look like, contact Deb today.