Writing Compelling Content: Ten Tips That Work

Writing compelling content is critical to marketing success. Perhaps you have the resources to hire a ghost writer (please choose me!), but should that not be an option, here are my top 10 tips for writing content that hits the mark.

  1. Know your format. Are you writing a blog post, LinkedIn post, long-form article or a white paper?  Identifying the type of content you need is an essential first step in efficient writing. 
  2. Know your Target Audience. What do they need/want to read? Speak their language, use key words, relate to their businesses, know pain points, understand constraints.
  3. Focus on one topic per piece. Develop a strong introduction announcing your topic and highlight only the most important take-away points.
  4. Write for the average businessperson. Avoid jargon, but if you must use industry-specific terms, explain them in a relevant, user-friendly way.
  5. Craft an informative title that promises readers a benefit. (If it can be catchy, all the better!)
  6. Choose one style and voice and stick with it—formal or informal, 1st person or 3rd person, technical or practical.
  7. Remove excess words. Say more with fewer words.
  8. Use active tense and avoid passive or past tenses.
  9. Make it easy to read by using visual breaks, subheadings, bullets and more.
  10. Read it out loud. The language should feel effortless and easy to consume even if the topic is complex. The article should be accessible, easy to understand, and feel compelling to complete.