Create a Content Development Plan

We all know the saying “content is king.”  But creating content doesn’t always come that easily.  The first step to creating content that works for your needs is to come up with a development plan that is easy to execute upon.  So, here are some simple steps to get the creative content juices flowing…

  • Identify target audience(s)– Decide who you are going to speak to with your content.  Are you going to reach them in print, electronically, or in a presentation format? Will they expect you to speak formally or informally? Will they need lots of resources to learn more or expect you to deliver exactly what they are looking for?
  • Select topics– Once you know who you want to read your content, it makes selecting the topics a little easier.  Choose concise, timely topics that allow you to show your expertise and experience. Solve problems, meet their curiosity and be helpful. Consider using social media outlets as a resource for timely subjects.
  • Determine resources for creating & promoting content (internal/external)– Does the content have to ALL come from you?  Can you delegate certain pieces to others?  Can you identify content written by others that you can expand upon? Perhaps you can call upon someone to do the research piece, or someone to do the first draft, or yet an other person to review your final version before it goes out.
  • Determine where to post the content– Are you using your website, social media or traditional print media to give exposure to your newly developed content?
  • Create schedule for creation and posting– Schedule yourself to create more content over time.  Don’t count on your memory… time has a way of slipping past us.  Schedule it in your outlook calendar with a reminder alarm so that you have no reason to put it off.

Once you have walked through these steps, you will have what it takes to get started producing good content routinely.  Sharing your content is the next hurdle to tackle. Stay tuned for tips for repurposing your content for the most reward!