Which Social Media Tool is Right for Your Firm?

Being in front of clients means many different things.  We all see the trend that companies are using social media to deepen relationships, build presence and communicate with clients. Law firms are largely at the starting block for using social media to market their services. If firms haven’t started learning how to use these tools, it is certainly time to get started.  Here are just a few questions to answer when building your social media program.

  • What do you want to accomplish with the program?
  • Who is your audience(s)?
  • Who, in leadership, can you ‘get on board’?
  • Which resources are available and accessible right now for implementation purposes?
  • What is the firm’s communication style?
  • Will individuals be posting, or is it a firm presence?

Of course there are many other considerations, but consider this your bare-bones starting point.  Doesn’t it sound familiar?  Yes, it should. It is a simple process that is often followed when starting any marketing initiative.  Write down this plan and then choose a tool to work with. Good luck!