Be That Someone

I attended the Legal Marketing Association’s New England conference recently and heard a great speaker, David Freeman.  He gave the group so much to think about, but perhaps the one point that keeps ringing true to me is summed up in this one statement:

“Be the someone that someone knows.”

This concept is so true!  The more I think about it, I want to add my two cents to David’s superb point. This marketing mantra isn’t meant to be a self-centered statement, but rather quite the opposite.  In order to be the person that is known by someone, consider a few things:

  • Be seen.  Get out and network regularly within the same circles so that you build recognition over time.
  • Be genuine.  It is important that people know you for the right reasons.  If you are genuine, your reputation will ring positive.
  • Be helpful.  Always look for ways to help people reach their short and long-term goals.
  • Be selective.  Don’t just hang out in a group because it is convenient.  Choose your networking circles carefully so that you are surrounded by people who are motivated and successful.
  • Be long term.  Build relationships for keeps.  Don’t just move on if someone can’t immediately move your agenda along.

This criteria will build a strong reputation. Strong reputations make you memorable for all of the right reasons.  All of this hard work will help you to naturally float to the top when your skills fit an open need.  All of this takes time and patience but it is always worth it in the long run!