New Years Resolutions Aren’t Just For Diets Anymore…

We are two weeks into the new year… have you set your resolutions yet?  I don’t mean those resolutions:  ‘drop 15 lbs’, ‘workout every day’ and ‘get to bed by 930’.  I mean the business type.  You know what I am talking about.  Those habits you know you need to form but are so hard to stick to!  But are they really that difficult to do?  Not necessarily…

Think about it.  ‘Resolution’ is an other way to say you are setting your goals for the year.  You have set goals in the past, right?  So, pull out that marketing plan and dig in. What did you set out to do when you wrote your plan? What did you accomplish? What is left to do?  Once you have assessed your previous plan, choose a few business resolutions for 2012.  Here are a couple to consider:

  • Make appointments in your calendar to work on marketing and business development initiatives. Go into your outlook and set recurring appointments or manually enter 4 time slots each month to focus solely on furthering your marketing and business development plans.
  • Start using social media.  This one is a ‘close your eyes and jump’ kind of project for some.  If you haven’t used social media before, start by creating a Linked In Profile and establishing a twitter handle. For those who have already done these steps, ramp up your activity. Schedule 10 minutes each morning to check your social media outlets and start adding connections, following people and companies or tweeting interesting news items.
  • Attend group meetings in person.  If you are a member of a trade association or other group, attend the regular meetings and talk to people face-to-face. Making personal connections and reinforcing connections regularly will deepen your relationships. It could mean referrals and more business for you over the long run.
  • Talk to your clients on your dime.  It is important to reach out to your clients and touch base. Ask them about business, family and industry related events. Go to lunch, grab a cup of coffee or give them a call a few times a year. Personal connection is a sure-fire loyalty builder.

Whatever resolutions you choose to adopt for 2012, make them achievable.  Don’t set unrealistic standards because you will not be able to sustain the effort.  Ultimately, prolonged effort will result in success.

OK– Take 15 minutes right now.  Choose one resolution.  Make a few appointments with your self to act upon your resolution.  Measure your results in 3, 6, 9  and 12 months.


Good Luck!