Be Top of Mind

A few days ago, I came across a Tweet that rings very true:  “It’s not necessarily top of class that gets you hired. It’s top of mind.”  This sentiment rings true across all industries and markets.  The ability to provide top quality work is a given these days. Competition is wide-reaching.  Often, with all other criteria being equal, the hiring decision boils down to a genuine mix of being ‘top of mind’ and chemistry.  The part of this mix that you have the most control over is being ‘top of mind’ at the right time.  Here are a few tips to try:

  • Keep in touch routinely.  It is important to build relationships over a long period of time.  Don’t drop onto someone’s radar screen only when you need something or when you sense they have something to give.  The key to keeping in touch with out becoming a nuisance is to reach out regularly, but keep it brief and and keep it relevant to the relationship or the person’s needs.
  • Be helpful.  Solid business relationships are built through a series of interactions that provide something useful to both parties.  Providing timely, relavant information is always appreciated.  It sends the message that you understand the client needs and can help them through the ups and downs of their business. Provide a personal touch to show you care.
  • Use social media.  Create a profile on Linked In and connect with your clients, colleagues and prospects.  Post status updates and your name will be in front of these contacts regularly.  Make sure your posts offer useful information, insightful thoughts or helpful links for the best impact.

Keeping in front of your contacts is an important piece of any business development strategy.  Don’t be shy about reaching out as long as you do it in a meaningful, helpful way.  By doing so, you have a better chance of being ‘top of mind’ the next time they have a problem you can solve.