How Content Helps You

I was so pleased to have spoken at the In Practice law conference today in Hartford, CT.  My co-presenter, Kirsten Lovett, and I presented a program called: “Repurposing with Rewards: A Guide to Creating Website and Social Media Content”.  We had a fantastic room of attendees (who I hope walked away from the presentation with very applicable skills!)  I am going to highlight just one of our slides in this post:  How Content Helps You.

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 3.36.50 PM


Creating and using informative, easy to understand content is crucial to see the results depicted in this graphic.  From one single piece of content (press release, advisory, news item, sponsorship… you name it) you can stack up multiple touchpoints. Create a teaser sentence or two and you can use the same content on your website, blog, linked in, twitter and facebook pages. When you post your content on all of these platforms, you gain better visibility and improve the likeliness that someone will find you in an internet search.  So, if you want to differentiate yourself, earn higher SEO ranking, be found easier, position yourself as a thought-leader, show you are current and be attractive to reporters as a resource…. try it.  Take one piece of content and repurpose it in multiple places.