Cross Servicing: Does Your Team Have the Criteria to Be Successful?

Cross servicing (a.k.a.: cross selling) is a crucial piece of successful law firm business development programs. In my conversations with attorneys, I often find that there is a universal struggle with how to start the cross servicing process. When evaluating your firm for successful cross servicing initiatives, it is important to make sure your team has the proper criteria in place.  Here is a simple checklist to find out:

  • Willingness to share and develop relationships.  Most law firms have this piece in place (finally!). In many circumstances, gone are the days of lawyers hoarding clients; keeping them close for fear of them being stolen. These days, lawyers know that collaboration is the key to deepening relationships.
  • Trust. Trust is crucial for success across all aspects of running a successful law firm. Without trust, things fall down pretty quickly before you even can get to cross servicing!
  • Experience. Experience is the ‘cost of admission’ for successful cross servicing in the legal business. Attorneys should always be building upon their experience using tools like mentoring, CLEs, webinars, etc… In other words- take an active role in developing your skills in your niche.
  • Deliberate, mutual and concerted effort. Cross servicing is not one-sided.  You need to work together to make this work. There is no other way.
  • Routine and open communication. Remember to create the habit of offering clients add-on services provided by fellow attorneys.  Also, make cross servicing part of your team meetings, practice group discussions and industry group gatherings.