4 Tips for Setting Achievable Goals

As the new year rapidly approaches, it is time to select goals for 2015.  Instead of setting an annual goal this year, consider committing to smaller, quarterly goals. Research shows that people with defined short-term goals make more progress than those who stick with annual goals.  Shift your thinking to where you want to be in say 3, 6 or 9 months instead.

Goal setting can feel daunting because people envision them as large, life changing markers.  However, I argue that goals are quite the opposite.  An attainable goal needs to be specific and planned for. Here are a few tips for getting started:

  • While it is good to think big, it is important to consider the pathway to reaching the big stuff.  Break down large goals (i.e. bring in one new client this year) into smaller goals (i.e. identify three targets and their hiring process, determine your first 2 touch points for each target, etc…).  Dissecting large goals into actionable steps helps clearly define the pathway to accomplishing the goal.
  • Commit to your goals by writing them down. This physical act makes them real. Keep these written goals in a visible place and schedule reminders through Outlook.
  • When planning your actionable steps to reach your goals, only undertake steps that will further your reach in a meaningful way.  Prioritize marketing activities to make the most of your investment.
  • Ask someone you trust to help you evaluate the goals.  Whether this person is a mentor, family member or marketing guru, a reality check is always helpful.

Planning for success is an important step towards achieving it.  Planning a strategy to reach your goals will help you accomplish them. Don’t go it alone.  Ask for help, collaborate where possible and be persistent in your effort.  Good luck!