The Essential Quick Pitch

Everyone needs a quick pitch and summer is a super time to develop it.  No, I am not talking about baseball, nor am I referring to a sales pitch. I am talking about a very brief sentence or two that you use to introduce yourself in a casually, socially acceptable way.  Summer is a great time to craft a quick pitch because then it will be ready for the busy fall business season. You can practice using it at summertime events when things are a little more relaxed.  Here is a brief primer to get you started.

Quick pitches come in three forms.  You should create a variation for each scenario.

  • Personal pitch. Use this version anywhere you will encounter new people.  Examples include BBQs, weddings, parties and other social functions in your personal lives.
  • Business pitch. Use this version at events where you are there to find business opportunities. Examples include networking events, conferences, industry events or meetings.
  • Firm/Company pitch. Use this version whenever someone asks you where you work. Examples include conferences, networking events or industry events.

These pitches will all be similar in content, but the delivery should reflect your environment. Regardless of that setting, it takes some thought and consideration to develop words that feel comfortable.  As you write your pitches, consider the following:

  • What do you want to accomplish with your pitch?
  • Who do you want to deliver your quick pitch to?
  • Be concise and to the point (1-2 sentences at most that takes 30-60 seconds to deliver).
  • Be clear, using simple, conversational language.
  • Target your audience.  Update and adapt your pitch for different events.
  • Sincere delivery.  With quick pitches, practice makes perfect. Practice it in front of the mirror, or other people, as many times as it takes to make it flow off your tongue.

Many people bristle at first when considering quick pitches, but I urge you to keep an open mind.  Be persistent in the development of your quick pitch and use it regularly to make it more conversational, and ultimately more successful. Like any skill, the more you use it, the more comfortable it will become.  Take the quieter month of August to prepare yourself for September’s networking events.  Think through your pitch, write it down and practice it so that you may use it!