The Three IN’s…

I recently attended the 2010 LMA New England Chapter conference.  It was a great conference, with the brightest spot being one particular workshop I attended.   Presented by Deborah Knupp, the title was “Top 10 in 2010:  Best Practices to Win Business in Any Market.”   It was engaging, helpful and offered tips that anyone could implement immediately.

Although Deborah’s entire “Top 10” list was excellent, one tip stood out for me above the rest.  “Have an Authentic Reason to Connect Through the 3 In’s.”   Essentially, she recommends that when reaching out to one of your points of contact, always be genuine in your reason for contacting this person. This is a message I always share with my clients– build relationships through trust and by being helpful.  If you live by this standard, your contacts will look forward to hearing from you and may be more likely to think of you when they need your services.  The barometer includes the three “IN‘s”:

  • INvitation.  Extend an invitation that may interest your contact.
  • INtroduction.  Make a meaningful introduction for your contact.
  • INformation.  Pass along some relevant information to your contact.

Following Deborah’s suggestion makes great sense.  Live by these ‘rules’ and you will strengthen your relationships with every encounter.  Try it… I have and it feels great!