Chip Away At It and You Will See Results

Winter in New England has been a test of patience this year.  Kids haven’t had an uninterrupted week of school since before Thanksgiving, ice build-up threatens the sturdiest of roofs, snow banks are upwards of 10 feet high in spots.  In can certainly get you down if you let it.

Business development can feel like a long, hard winter sometimes.   Even the best planned efforts are disjointed because of other distractions, new business may feel like it is buried under layers of competitors and the means to reach new business may seem unsurmountable.

Chin up!

Spring always comes regardless of what winter throws our way.   It is the same with your marketing and business development efforts.  Business will come if you are persistant at building relationships over time.  You will see the rewards when you consistently get out and reach people in meaningful ways.  Don’t give in to the excuses that cover your pathway–  shovel them aside and keep moving forward.