Content Marketing, the Key to Becoming a Thought Leader in 2015

Content marketing is a most effective tool for marketing businesses and firms of all types.  In 2015, marketing experts predict that content marketing will remain the go-to tool for not only standard marketing, but also for building a reputation for thought leadership.  Effective thought leadership strategies have always showcased niche knowledge through well written and cleanly presented content. However, to get the most out of your thought leadership content campaign, you need broad exposure to get the most leverage. This crucial visibility comes from an array of well positioned public-facing channels, including social media and blogs, websites, e-books, videos, in person engagements and more. If you want to put content marketing to work for you, make sure it does the following:

  • Provides helpful and easy-to-consume information to an audience who wants it.
  • Is educational in nature.  Content marketing is most effective outside of a hard-sell environment.
  • Fosters conversation that furthers the audience’s search for the right fit.
  • Shares timely material covering topics that your intended audience needs to do their job or further their goals.
  • Uses media that your audience is comfortable using such as written, video or audio.

When using content marketing, make sure you create helpful, easy to find and simple to use material.  To position yourself as a resource, use topics that you are intimately knowledgeable about and give useful information away.  When you prove to be a reliable and consistent source of information, your audience will come back to you over time.  The more often people come back to you and are satisfied with what they learn, the closer you are to becoming a thought leader.