5 Spring Cleaning Tips for your Marketing Effort

The calendar says it is spring, even if it doesn’t feel like that way in New England!  So what does that mean for your marketing?  A lot! Pull out your marketing plan and shake it out!  Here are a few spring cleaning tips to help jump start your efforts:

  • Refresh your commitment to forwarding your marketing plan. Take a moment to review your goals with a new frame of mind. Are you taking actionable steps to meet you goals? Spring’s warmer sun lifts your spirits, making it a good time to renew your resolve to succeed.
  • Get out of the office! Take advantage of the sunshine and warmer temperatures by signing up for networking events.
  • De-clutter your desk. Go through your files (electronic or paper) and re-prioritize your contacts so that you are focusing on the most probable referral sources.
  • Cheer up your clients. Reach out to your clients and make a gesture that reflects the spring mood.  Send some American Cancer Society daffodils, invite them to meet you for lunch, send them a hand-written note on cheerful notecards or follow them on social media.
  • Encourage your clients to do their own spring cleaning. Reach out to clients who may benefit from reviewing documents such as estate plans, wills, contracts and other agreements. If it wasn’t on their new year’s list, perhaps a gentle reminder that these documents  may need an annual review would be helpful.

Spring is a wonderful time of renewal.  The warmth and sunshine makes everyone feel good. Be an inspiration to others by shedding the weight of winter and whipping your marketing plans into shape!