Why Use Infographics?

No matter what industry you work in, good and informative content is crucial to effective marketing. What is considered content?  Lots of things, but typically the first thing that comes to mind is written material.  No doubt…articles, advisories and commentaries are super tools.  However, I am seeing more and more infographics being used to communicate really interesting information.

An infographic is a visual means of communicating information.  The information can be numbers, statistics, trends, industry knowledge, you name it.  It is the method of combining visuals with the facts that makes them different. But, why do they work?  No doubt there are many reasons, but here are the top 5 reasons why I love this popular resource:

1. Visually more attractive than the printed word — infographics blend images, icons, color, movement and content in a way that naturally draws the eye to them.

2. Satisfies ‘scanner’ tendencies of online readers–  especially on the web, people tend to scan information, not truly read it.  Infographics allow our brains to quickly digest information.

3. Reinforces your brand–  because they are so visual, infographics are a great way to reinforce a brand. Blend consistent colors, shapes and messages to evoke your brand image.

4.  Harnesses social media power– infographics are inherently ‘share-able’, making them the perfect item for social media content.  They tell a huge story in an efficient way.

5. Helps convey knowledge in a specific area–  an infographic focuses on one topic delivered through the eyes of a knowledgable source.

OK, I do have a bonus reason why I love infographics:  Creating, sharing and using this tool is a great way to gain visibility for yourself or your business. Whether you have created the infographic yourself, or you are sharing someone else’s material, these gems are packed with good stuff.  Sharing them can be incredibly useful, allowing you to make a meaningful connection to an individual who may benefit from the content. Not to mention, by sharing someone else’s content, you are giving credibility to the person who created it in the first place.

A win, win, win… right?