Making it Habit

Both in business and in life, there are good habits and bad habits.  Creating positive habits to effect your business will result in success.   Sound simple, yet we all know how hard this really is.  So, how do habits get made?   Generally speaking, through awareness, commitment and repetition.

Marketing your business needs to be a habit.  With a small amount of initial discipline, it can be done. Here are a few things to help…

  • Understand Why – Make sure you create only useful habits.   If the benefits of making an effort are worthwhile, it will motivate you through the tougher times.
  • Keep it Simple – Don’t try to do it all at once. It is easy to get excited and take on too much at once.  Pick one or two behaviors to work on and then create a simple plan.
  • Reminders – The first week is easy.   It is after a few weeks that it gets tricky. Strategically place reminders to further develop your chosen habit each day. Consistent activity is the key to forming the habit.
  • Keep Track – Physically tracking your effort will help you see your results.  Writing down your actions, successes and failures will help to crystalize your habit.
  • Do it Again– once you achieve a routine with Habit #1, begin again with an other useful behavior.  Just be sure you don’t drop the first one as you add subsequent habits.

Making marketing a habit will serve your business for the long haul.  Finally, always take the time to assess your habits to be sure they are still adding to your success.