Staying Memorable

As we usher out 2012 and welcome in the new year, it is the perfect time to take note of what went well and what changes we may want to make in the new year.  In reading through some of my notes from over the year, I see a theme running through them.  Many of my discussions centered on being memorable.  So, what activities can you undertake to help make you memorable?  Here is a short sampling:

  • Make phone calls to talk directly to people instead of emailing or texting.
  • Write personal notes to people for specific reasons such as a thank you note, to share a memory or to just touch base.
  • Perform a ‘lunch and learn’ for your peers or a client.
  • Join clients in their strategic planning sessions and offer to help them identify and meet goals.
  • Speak at conferences and invite your clients to be on the panel with you.
  • Write articles and share them through social media or other outlets.
  • Attend social events and invite clients and peers to go with you.
  • Begin a group that discusses a specific topic regularly.

Whatever you choose to do, always be sincere and helpful.  Part of being memorable is being real.  Honestly working alongside someone to accomplish a common task will always provide a memorable experience.  It is up to you to make it a positive experience.

Happy New Year!