Why Law Firms Need to Use Social Media

There are many compelling reasons driving law firms to use social media in their marketing mix.  If you are still having trouble getting your firm on board, here are a few things to share with your leadership.

  • Keep pace with the competition. Although I never advocate for firms to undertake initiatives just because everyone else is, in this case, it isn’t such a bad idea. At the very least, consider claiming your pages as a ‘land grab’.  You can roll out an implementation strategy over time.
  • Know what your clients are broadcasting.  Follow your clients to learn which topics are on their radar screen. Monitor the activity on their company and individual pages to uncover any issues they may be facing.
  • Keep up with the current technology.  Use the same tools as your clients and ‘speak’ their language.
  • Gain visibility and exposure to your clients and potential clients.
  • Make connections to journalists, follow their discussions and chime in when appropriate.
  • Build your reputation for expertise in specific areas by sharing knowledge.
  • Show clients that you can relate to their world as it relates to social media strategies. 

When broadening your marketing plans to incorporate social media it is important to deliberately lay out goals before you start any program. No doubt, sustaining a social media marketing program takes focused effort.  Having a purpose behind the effort will help you see results.