Using Positive Language for Stronger Results

Have you noticed how you feel when someone tells you not to do something.  All of a sudden, it is all you can think about doing!  It becomes very difficult to think about anything else!  What does this have to do with business success?  Everything.

Using positive language earns better results. If you want to improve your business interactions with employees, clients and colleagues, take a moment to study how you use language within your relationships. Minor alterations to language can change how people perceive you and how they respond to your requests.  It is proven that using positive words reduces conflict and improves communication. This is powerful stuff that everyone can employ.

Consistently expressing yourself in a positive manner affects how you are received. Develop this skill and you will build stronger relationships that are more trusting, resulting in more productive interactions with one an other.

Negative language undermines the recipients’ confidence by telling them what can’t be done.  It places blame on the recipient and injures their self esteem.  Some samples of negative words are: can’t, won’t and unable to.

Positive language tells someone your trust in their abilities to get the job done.  It confirms what can be done and may suggest the available choices.  It always sounds helpful and supportive.  Some samples of positive words are: may be able, should be able and let’s try this option.

Try a simple exercise– review some of your written communications and highlight any negative words that may surface. Now try re-writing the content using only positive words.  Read both examples out loud and see which feels better.  Here is an example:

  • Negative:  “I can’t grant you permission because you failed to send me the right document.”
  • Positive:  “I would like to give you permission, if would please send me document A to review first.”

Negative language hurts not only your business, but your reputation over time.  Once a reputation is tarnished, it can be very difficult to revive.  To avoid that, try analyzing your instinctive response from “no” to “yes” by taking a minute to consider rephrasing the sentiment you wish to convey.  Delivering superb customer service relies upon positive language.   It always makes customers happier and will have a positive impact on how you run your business overall.