Key Skills for Achieving Success

We all have skills, albeit some stronger than others.  Some skills we use more frequently, some with more success. I often get asked to look into the future and determine what is needed to remain relevant in such a fast changing environment. But, what are the key skills for succeeding in marketing your practice or business? The more I think about what makes successful people tick, the more I realize that a few essential components rise to the top.  In my opinion, the common denominators boil down to a very straight forward trio:

  • Relationships.  Building and maintaining solid, long-term relationships is possibly the most important skill anyone can employ. It is vitally important to add new people to the mix while maintaining long-term contacts. It is no secret that people keep business moving and changing.  They make buying decisions based on trust and refer business based on proven success.
  • Technology.  There will always be a new technology to help us perform in our jobs.  Today, we live in a social media driven world. Last decade, we lived in an email age.  The technologies will always come in and out of fashion. It is our jobs to embrace new technologies in a way that keeps us relevant. If you don’t, you will find yourself quickly outdated and unable to communicate on a very basic business level.
  • Persistence.  Good, old fashioned ‘elbow grease’ will continue to drive you towards your goals.  Working hard, being aware of what is happening in the world and employing stamina to perform will help you outshine those who wait for things to happen to them.

Of course there are many other skills that individuals need to use in their specific jobs, but relationships, technology and persistence are common threads for all successful professionals.  There is not a doubt in my mind that if you continually craft your skills in these areas, you will continue to be relevant and successful.