Blogging…the On-the-Go Marketing Tool

To stay top-of-mind in the competitive race for developing new business and maintaining fruitful relationships, many businesses and individuals are turning to blogging. Blogging is one of the best tools available for building your reputation as a knowledgeable resource in a specific area. Blogs are the ‘on the go’ marketing tool that can be published by anyone, at any time.

Arguably, the hardest thing about launching a blog is getting started in a way that allows you to maintain momentum over the long term. Here are five starter tips for blogging.

  • Be specific. Blogs are essentially a journal reporting on a singular theme. To be effective at positioning your blog as a go-to resource, it must be specific and consistent.
  • Build A Habit. One of the most common concerns with blogging is finding time to post information often enough. Don’t let this hold you back. Consider collaborating with others. It is more important to post on a regular schedule than to post several times a week. Start posting content once a week, but on the same day each week. Then, add additional posts when the opportunity arises. Remember, content doesn’t need to be lengthy, it only needs to be timely, easy to read and on topic.
  • Be Relevant. When selecting the focus of your blog, it is critical to choose an area that relates directly to your work and that you are genuinely interested in. Write on the industries’ must-read topics and display the depth of your knowledge, relevant experience and pertinent interests.
  • Be Yourself. When writing blog posts, use a personal touch that mirrors the way you conduct yourself in a business environment. Don’t be afraid to give perspective and analysis on a topic. Let your readers know that you think about the same issues they worry about and that you have solutions for them.
  • Get Readers. Simply writing your blog won’t bring you followers. Actively publicize your blog. Start by inviting your existing contacts to subscribe, include a hyperlink to your blog in your email signature and use social media outlets such as Linked In, Facebook and Twitter to announce recent posts.

Blogging is a great way to use the most current tools to build credibility, communicate with an industry and position yourself as a thought leader. Blogging can be simple, but it does take time and attention to do well. There are many more considerations to blogging, but these five points will get you thinking in the right direction.