Being Nice Matters

We have a simple rule in our house:  ‘Be nice to everyone no matter what.’  My kids look at me quizzically on this mantra from time to time. They know the truth.  Reality is…not everyone is nice to them all the time.  So, why should they be nice back?  I just smile and tell them, “it doesn’t matter how they treat you, but you need to be nice to everyone anyway.”  So, why do I have this mantra?  Because being nice really matters.  It matters in personal lives and in the business world.  I have seen the benefits first hand.  Here are a few reasons to live by this mantra:

  • It feels good eventually, even when you don’t want to be nice at first.  Anger is a temporary emotion that is usually replaced with more positive emotions, which are usually much longer lasting.
  • You never know what the future brings.  Over a lifetime, you meet a lot of people who will move into lots of different areas.  You never know when your paths may cross again and you may need to help each other out with something.
  • At the end of the day, your reputation is all you have.  Tarnish your reputation and it may never shine again.

Being nice doesn’t mean gushing over someone or bending over backwards to help someone who you just can’t stand.  It does mean being respective, helpful and kind.

Long term relationships help all of us live full and productive lives. The more positive those relationships are, the nicer experiences we will all have.  So, the next time you are tempted to be nasty to someone, rethink that interaction.  Walk away, take a deep breath or just change your mind to something more positive. It isn’t always easy, but remember what Mom always said… “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.”  It works.