Linked In: A Few Do’s and Don’ts

It is clear that Linked In is an important component to any marketing strategy. There are certainly veteran users of Linked In, but new users are coming in every day. Whether you are new to the tool or not, it never hurts to review a few DO’s and DON’Ts for smart posting. Here are just a few tips for posting status.


  • Share links with your network.  Examples of good links include helpful and timely articles, useful websites, videos or other news.  Use a short link (try and write a brief but compelling intro to what you are posting.  Posts with links always get more interest and attention.
  • Ask questions. If something is on your mind and you want input on the topic, throw it out there. You will gain interesting perspective from different parts of your network.
  • Use it as a broadcast tool for an event or announcement. You don’t always want to just broadcast information but if you use it judiciously, it is an effective way to get the word out.
  • Share other people’s status posts and “Like” a post that you think is helpful to a broader audience.


  • Don’t report on the mundane or personal events in your life. Linked In is truly a professional network so save those updates for Facebook!
  • Don’t be a pusher.  Don’t be a salesman on Linked In.  Think of social networking as an extension of in-person networking.  Building relationships and establishing yourself as a knowledgeable problem solver is much more effective.
  • Don’t share too much.  There is a balance to sharing information. If you share too infrequently you are invisible.  If you share too much your are a pest.  Try to strike a balance with a few status posts a day.  Save the flurry for Twitter where it is expected.

Of course there are many approaches to using Linked In but starting with these very basics should get you in the habit of using the product. Remember that the idea is to build your network and then provide useful information that helps others get their jobs done and look great!