Why Meeting In Person Is A Must

I came across an article “5 Reasons You Need to Meet in Person” (Inc. Magazine) that struck a cord with me.  The author, Rene Shimada Siegel (@renesiegel), did a nice job reminding readers that it is easy to use email, social media or phone calls as your only source of communication, but by doing so, you are ultimately limiting success.

The more I thought about her message, the more it confirmed what I am always telling my clients.  Make all client interactions as personal as possible. Take time to see people face to face and you will always build deeper relationships that result in richer personal experiences.  Rene’s sentiments echo mine and here are a few things you can only get through in person meetings:

  • Body Language– when talking face-to-face, you have the ability to read important body language cues such as facial expressions, immediate reactions, and positive or negative clues to what you are saying.
  • Spontaneous Experiences–  whether you meet in a public space or a private office, being in the same room as someone allows you to share the same experience.  You can observe the same atmosphere, connect over small talk or determine personal preferences for things like menu choices, seating locations or style.
  • Keeping it Real–  personal conversations are always more forthcoming than electronic ones.  Talking communicates emotion honestly.  Talking allows people to interact in real time, adding detail that would be left out of an electronic method. Business phone calls allow you to speak to each other but typically these conversations are shorter and more on point.  In person discussions allow you to weave interpersonal skills with business speak.  These conversations tend to be richer and provide deeper insight.

Don’t get me wrong– I am a huge fan of the luxuries and speed of technology in the business world.  I use these tools as much as anyone else.  However, I urge you to keep personal interactions on your radar.  Make an effort to see your clients face to face when possible. It will result in better interactions and deeper relationships over the long run.