Spring into Building Relationships

It is finally spring in New England!  The grass is greening up and the tree buds are getting ready to burst open.  This morning, I noticed a Robin diligently building her nest in a tree near my window.  She worked swiftly, carrying each twig individually.  She deftly wove each twig into the nest and I watched as it slowly took shape into a recognizable nest.   This reminded me of the relationship building process.

Building a nest is very similar to building relationships.  Each relationship begins by choosing a suitable foundation to build upon. Relationships are slowly built through single gestures of helpfulness and outreach.  Each email, phone call or lunch meeting builds upon itself.  The chosen foundation slowly expands with each gesture until a recognizable relationship emerges out of the efforts. Once the relationship has taken form, it becomes something more than singular touchpoints.  The connection between each touchpoint means something to both individuals, building trust along the way. Before you know it, the now deeper relationship houses future opportunities.  Much like a bird’s nest houses her eggs, and later her babies, as spring turns into summer.

So, think of your relationships this springtime.  Begin the process by identifying the right individuals with whom to build upon or initiate a relationship.  Small meaningful gestures made now will build future opportunities.