Just do it… there is no better time.

One of the biggest business development challenges facing businesses is sustained, focused action.   Planning is the easy part– selecting goals, determining your pathway and documenting the plan.  It can even be fun!

It is after the marketing plan is written that the true struggle begins.  Why is that?

Planning feels like action.  It is satisfying to develop a vision and identify how you should to get there.  Taking those steps are the toughest part.  So, what do you do?

  • Break your plan into tiny, reasonable steps.
  • Commit to forwarding your plan daily, even if this means booking ‘business development appointments’ in your calendar in five minute increments.
  • Implement 30-day rolling assessments.  Every 30 days, evaluate how much you have accomplished in your marketing plan and then plan for the next 30 days accordingly.
  • Don’t get discouraged.  It takes time to build a book of business, but only diligence will bring results.
  • Just do it… get started today.  Don’t wait for a ‘better’ time– there is no such time.