Embracing A Fresh Start

How can I resist writing an entry about fresh starts!?  The new year tends to evoke one of two responses in my clients. Either they are refreshed and ready to run full speed ahead, or they are worried about how they are going to perform in the new year. Either reaction is completely normal.  The good news is that no matter how you may feel about the new year, it motivates individuals to move forward.

When my clients ask me ‘where do I start?’ (which I get asked all the time!), I emphatically tell them to begin by planning!  Here are a few steps to get you in the right direction:

  • Identify the type of person you are.  Do large, long term goals give you paralysis? Do short term ‘to do’ lists make you itchy to do something bigger?  Either way, you need to understand your personality type to set a plan in place that will work.
  • Select 2 long-term goals and 4 short-term goals.  This isn’t a magic number, but tends to work for most people. The short-term goals are directly related to your long-term goals, serving as actionable items to help you achieve your long-term goals.
  • Write all goals and actionable items down.  By physically writing down your goals, you commit to them.  It is best to share these goals with someone– your coach, spouse, friend or even your dog!  You need to make them REAL.
  • Track your progress.  Using your calendar program, make appointments for yourself to accomplish these goals.  Set distinct dates and times that you will commit to working towards achieving the goals.  This will help you take the incremental steps needed to reach the final goal.

Whether your goals are personal or business or big or small, it is important to set them each year and provide yourself with the framework to achieve them over set periods of time.  At the beginning of each month, take time to review your goals, check your progress, and adjust your course towards achieving them.

Happy New Year!