Building Successful Teams

Pulling together talented individuals with diverse outlooks can have a powerful impact on the bottom line. It sounds so simple– surround yourself with the best and let them do their jobs. But in reality, building a successful team can be a very difficult task. Following are a few tips for helping teams to work cohesively while minimizing any difficulties.

  • Create clear goals that are understood and accepted by each team member.
  • Outline responsibilities that call upon the specific talents of each team member.
  • Build trust within an honest environment.
  • Offer team building activities that allow for some time to get to know each other outside of the business agenda.
  • Create consensus in the decision making process. A team that makes decisions together will stand by each other and the group’s decisions.
  • Keep the lines of communications open. Fully inform team members of what is going on that effects the group.
  • Be grateful for all contributions. Say thank you on an individual basis as well as to the entire team.
  • Give positive feedback where ever possible.