Holiday Giving

It is the giving time of year!  Whether personally or professionally, it feels nice to give gifts to people we appreciate and value.  In the business setting, it is important to give thought to the appropriateness of your gift.  Treat clients with gifts that show appreciation for your ongoing relationships.

I am often asked for ideas on business gifts.  People want to give memorable gifts that make an impact. Giving gifts to clients is clearly a good thing to do, but I urge you to think through the choices.  It is far more important to be thoughtful instead of simply checking a ‘to do’ off your list.  A few tips to consider this year.

  • Focus on the relationships.  Hopefully you have spent all year building strong relationships with your clients. At the holidays, take the time to recognize your relationship and thank this person for their continued business.  Take them to breakfast or lunch as your treat.  Talk about the highlights of the year and revel in their success.
  • After carefully crafting your relationships all year, selecting personalized gifts should be a little easier. Purchase gifts according to the client’s personal interests. By sending a personalized gift, you will show them that you value them as individuals and have paid attention to their likes and dislikes over the year.  If you haven’t figured out what they like, take notes on your encounters next year so that you can use this information next Christmas.
  • If you do go with a branded item, think about the utility of a tastefully selected item.  Select something that relates to either their business or yours.  Don’t select the gift based on convenience for you, but rather make it about what the recipient appreciates.

Holidays will always be a time for gift giving.  The best way to be successful in your gift selection is to think about it, make it personal and always sincere.