Fall is Coming… Marketing in Baby Steps to Meet It Head-On

School is starting, pumpkin spice lattes are appearing on coffee-house menus and the tips of a few trees are starting to turn a golden hue. Even though it is over 100 degrees today, Fall is coming. And with Fall, comes a resurgence of activity.

I find September to be like a mini-new year for many people. A time to give the year it’s final boost so that you finish strong in December. But, perhaps you are having a hard time getting back in the groove? Here are a few things you can do to help jumpstart your September frame of mind.

  • Review your marketing plan to refresh yourself on your goals or set some new ones. Identify easy-to-achieve actionable items that will help get ball rolling again.
  • Reduce the clutter in your workspace. Archive closed files, sort through old emails and give your desk a scrub down.
  • Reassess your website, including its content and images.  Does it still reflect your business goals and speak to your desired visitors? If not… change it up!
  • Use social media to keep top of mind. Schedule yourself 10 minutes a day to catch up on what people are working on, sharing and thinking about. Quick tip: Set a timer so you don’t get sucked into the adorable back to school photos everyone is posting around now.
  • Update your contacts and make sure they are in your database in useable form. Delete any contact you don’t recognize.
  • Email your top prospects, clients and referral sources to check in before things get busy. Book lunches, coffees and other touch points.
  • Write an article, blog post or other content you can use on a current topic.

This is a beautiful time of year to rejuvenate yourself. Remember that marketing plans only work if you use them. You will earn a successful fourth quarter if you push through into September with the right frame of mind. Get started now with baby steps.  And don’t forget to take time to assess where you have been for the first 8 months of the year… mark your progress and note what you have left to do.