Yes, You Can Use Instagram for Legal Marketing

We live in a visual world. Photography is a powerful tool for telling a compelling story. It’s no mystery that people are quite comfortable using photography through social media outlets. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linked In are filled with photos associated with a range of stories.

More and more, businesses are realizing that the old saying “a picture says a thousand words” is very true. There is now a strong comfort level with using Twitter and Linked In for business and a moderate increase in business Facebook users. But what about one of the most image-driven social media tool out there, Instagram? Instagram is one of the most untapped tools for legal marketing. There is a great opportunity to get involved in a less crowded space. Here are a few tips for using Instagram for legal marketing:

  • Understand how you can use the platform. Think through¬†what you hope to accomplish and who the target audience is. This is a great tool for both general marketing and recruiting purposes.
  • Have a strategy. Which clients are currently users? Is there a specific type of audience who can buy your services or refer you to someone who can? Determine the brand you want to project and the kinds of images will help further that brand. Consider using both video and still images on this tool. Decide who will post and how often.
  • Find some early adopters. The best people to further your strategy are those who are already using the platform in their daily lives. These folks have built an Instagram habit and know how to use the tool which are the two major roadblock to success.
  • Share content. Minimize the words you use and use rich images that tell the story. Clients have interesting buildings, products or projects. Highlight those and provide a link in the comments.
  • Don’t talk about the law… at least not directly. Use the tool as a brand awareness campaign, not a way to give legal advice. Show trends, beautiful images of your surroundings, your clients or other worldwide events.
  • Follow lots of other Instagram users. Build a following over time by following people you know and other interesting Instagram users. Don’t be shy– it’s good to follow lots of people, as many times they will follow you back. There aren’t many reasons to hold back!