Make the Last 8 Weeks Count

With 8 weeks left in 2010, the year is quickly approaching its end.  This time of year, people often become reflective, thinking through what went well and what didn’t.  In that spirit, I was recently asked a great question by a client.  This person wanted to make an impact in the last 8 weeks of the year.  They wanted advice on where to focus their attention.   I offer a two-part response.

First… take an inventory of relationships. Commit time to contacting clients to thank them for their business.  Ask them about the year and listen to their thoughts, offering helpful insight where appropriate.  Congratulate them on the successes and be empathetic with the low points.

Second… revisit the business plan.  Now is a good time to confirm that the goals identified in your business plan are still sound and that all business development activities are furthering those goals.  Do the goals need tweaking based on how the year went? Take note of what has been accomplished, what was redirected and what still needs to be tackled.  Also, how close did you come to the anticipated budget?  These are important pieces to analyze before building a plan for next year.

The end of the year is often busy with personal and business matters, however, it is essential to pay attention to the things that make your business successful.  Caring for relationships and planning to succeed are essential and can not be overlooked.  If possible, consider undertaking these activities every six months.  At the very least, make this part of your best practices for every November.   Make the most of your last 8 weeks and it will pay off every time!