Think Cross-Service, Not Cross-Sell

I was recently discussing the topic of cross selling with a client. As an internal marketing professional, she has a lot of experience with how to deepen relationships with and amongst her attorneys.  She offered some thoughtful insight into the psychology behind the often unsurmountable task of selling more services to existing clients.  I have to share her perspective! (By the way, I wish this were my brainchild!)  Here you go:

Who wants to be sold to?  No one!  Who wants to get outstanding service?  Everyone!  Who wants to build long-term, loyal and dedicated relationships?  Everyone!  So why do we insist on calling this marketing technique “cross selling?  Why don’t we rename it “cross servicing” and use the tool as an extension of our value proposition?  Duh…

So, what is cross servicing?  It is the method of educating existing clients (who already use one practice area) about ways to protect their interests, provide better products and services and deepen their own relationships.  By introducing clients to helpful tools and resources (beyond the initial matter they have engaged you for), you help them think of you in multiple ways.  The outcome?  You know their business deeply and get the opportunity to work together on securing their success across a range of angles.  It seems simple.  I know it’s not. But, the psychological shift for both the buyer and the seller is groundbreaking.