Focus Includes Not Being All Things to All People

Focus.  It is a crucial element to success.  I am not talking about minimizing environmental distractions, although that is helpful.  I am talking about focusing your targets, pitches and short-term goals.  Think about it.  Which is more attainable?  To “lose weight” or “lose 5 lbs over 10 weeks.”  Having a clearly defined path helps you create a specific list of actionable items that you can systematically achieve.

So, what does this mean for your business?  It means understanding:

  • Your value proposition is and how to apply it.
  • Exactly which services you offer successfully.
  • Who most benefits from your skills and services.
  • What kind of work you make money on.
  • That it is ok to turn away non-lucrative work.

Perhaps most importantly… it means you just can’t be everything to everyone. However, you can be a deep resource that helps others find solutions they need.