Reflecting on 2013, Setting Ground Rules and Gearing up for 2014!

I love this time of year!  Sure, it is filled with to do lists, end of year wrap-ups and plenty of commitments.  But, what I think is both therapeutic and important is self reflection on the last 12 months.  I understand the holidays can be challenging for some folks, and I always try to remain sensitive to those struggles.  However, I think even in those circumstances, reflection can be helpful.  To me, it is important to reflect upon the good and the bad.  I identify what went well, what didn’t go as planned, what would I try differently and what should be left untouched.  This is the starting point for planning for a successful new year.

So, after some much needed holiday rest, I look forward to 2014 with anticipation. I have a plan in place for me, both personally and professionally. It isn’t a masterpiece, but more of an outline with some basic goals. I have set myself some ground rules.  I will work towards my goals in small steps. I will be thorough in my practice, helpful towards people, mindful of my process and build in time for measurement. By establishing these basic ground rules, I know I have taken the first steps at being successful in the new year. I look forward to the chance to contribute to the success of businesses and individuals who place trust in me.

Thank you for the chance to help! Until 2014, I wish each of you the Happiest of Holidays and a Healthy and Productive New Year!