If You Don’t Ask…

I attended the LSSO 10th anniversary Raindance conference today in Boston.  What a super day… top level people from all over the country came together to learn, collaborate and enjoy a wide range of topics.  I found myself jotting down notes and quotes all day, each one better than the next.  Here are a few of my favorite quotes from today’s presenters:

  • “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”– this one refers to a tried and true fundamental in the sales process…. asking for the work!  If you don’t come right out and ask for the work, you won’t ever receive it.  
  • “Change happens”– this one was married to an other favorite concept from today.  You can either affect change, or be effected by change.  It’s all in how you approach each opportunity!
  • “Your clients include every single person you deal with”– so true in any organization. Treat everyone with the respect they deserve, and you will be successful supplying superb service.
  • “No service = No relationships”– along the same thread, relationships are a great result of exquisite customer service.
  • “Emotional IQ is super important”– exude appropriate levels of self confidence and be pleasant to be around.  Being smart isn’t enough to get you the work. Showing your humanity will always help you get work!

I hope you like these!  I will share more as I digest my notes further over the coming days! Enjoy!