Kindness, Generosity and Thankfulness

I find it incredible that Thanksgiving Day arrives this week.  I am sure I say it every year, but truly… where does the year go?  I love Thanksgiving because it is a wonderful time to reflect upon the past year and marvel in what we have accomplished through the help of those around us.  It is humbling to experience the emotion of thankfulness through that lense.

As I reflect upon Thanksgiving this year, I find myself pondering the messages brought by the keynote speaker at this year’s Legal Marketing Association’s New England Chapter annual conference.  Terry O’Reilly, the great hockey player, spoke to the filled room about his experiences as a boy in Canada and then as an adult playing professional hockey.

Terry spoke from the heart.  His message was crystal clear.  In a nutshell, he reminded us of the resilience of the human spirit. Everyone has great times to offset the difficult moments in their lives, although the balance is different for everyone.  In his gentle, down to earth manner, Terry asked each of us to do one seemingly simple thing, that in practice is much more difficult.  His request: to meet each day with kindness, generosity, compassion, courage and grace. To trust in yourself and your team so that you have the confidence to achieve your goals as best as you can.

I pass along this thought to you and ask that you try it with me.

Happy Thanksgiving!