Act Today

This morning I had an experience which made me stop and think about how important taking action is.  I had just completed a phone call with a client when I heard a loud thud against my window.  A small bird had flown full-force into the window and knocked the life clear out of himself.  My instinct was to run out and help him, but by the time I got there, it was already too late.

This experience got me thinking about how fleeting life is.  Not in a big existential way, but rather in small, more immediate way. I found myself contemplating how important it is to act upon things because you simply may not get the opportunity to do so later on.  You may be asking, how is this related to business relationships?  Regularly taking action in relationships has everything to do with my bird story.

Client relationships are all about the action you take over the long-haul.  By actively maintaining personal and business relationships, you build in opportunities for more business over time.  If you lapse on your contact, you make room for someone else to fill the need in your absence, so that when you finally do reach out, you have lost the loyalty of the client.

This little bird was flying with great purpose this morning, but miscalculated the path he took, ending his flight path permanently. By not taking care of your relationships, you risk underestimating your clients needs and level of loyalty, ultimately reaching the same demise– no future relationship with that client.  So, my conclusions… keep regular contact with your clients, understand their needs and keep your eyes on the clear path to future business.