Thankful or Grateful… or Both?

So many people use the words ‘thankful’ and ‘grateful’ interchangeably. Both words are quite popular this time of year as we approach Thanksgiving. Not a terrible thing, but what if we pause for a moment to ponder the difference between the words. Each word shows a slightly different emotion– one in response to something someone has done for you and the other defining a more internal reaction to a circumstance.

Check it out:

  • The definition of grateful is to feel or show an appreciation of kindness.
  • The definition of thankful is to feel pleased or relieved.

It is important to always show gratitude towards people and their acts of kindness towards you.  This rings true in the business setting as well.  We should be grateful for loyal clients– showing our appreciation for their business.  It is ok to be thankful of course!  You should feel pleased (and maybe relieved) that your clients continue to work with you.

I urge you to express feelings of both gratefulness and thankfulness year round.  As a human race, we seem to infrequently show appreciation for what we have. Rather than spending time fretting over what we don’t have and can’t achieve, perhaps we should spare a few extra minutes each day realizing all of the powerfully positive things in our lives.

The point is simply this: express gratitude to your friends, family, colleagues and clients just for being there.  They make all the difference.

Happy Thanksgiving!