Are you Linked In?

Millions of people visit Linked In each day, connecting with colleagues, business associates and other people they meet through the natural course of their day.  In fact, it seems that people are more well-connected than ever.  When clients ask me if they should have a Linked in profile, I give them a wholehearted “YES”!  When creating your LinkedIn profile, consider the following tips to get you started:

  • Complete your profile as thoroughly as possible– the more information included, the more opportunities you create to connect to people.
  • Add a photo– this is no time to be shy.  Linked In is all about people.  Photos add a personal component to your profile.
  • Invite people to connect– don’t wait for people to find you!  Search for people you know, send requests to people you meet and ask for invitations through people you are already connected to.
  • List your company website or blog–  Linked In allows for multiple websites to be added to an individual’s profile.  Putting links to these sites will help drive traffic your way.
  • Ask for recommendations– don’t be afraid to ask connections to recommend you and your work.  This third party feedback can be very validating.
  • Update your status–  regularly let people know what you are working on or if you read something interesting (don’t forget to add a link).
  • Get adventurous– answer questions, list your reading list or post your recent travels.  This is the interesting stuff that people remember.

Linked In and other social media outlets are a great way to keep connected, share knowledge and make an impression.  Most important….be consistently thoughtful and helpful.