Get in front of clients

Want more business… then get in front of your clients and ask for it.  Here are a few tips:

  • Client Visits.   Make the time to go see clients personally. Talk with them about issues that are pressing to their business and make a personal bond.
  • Client Interviews.  Arrange for a qualified third party to speak with clients and show them you value their business and the mutual relationship. Client interviews do not need to be complicated or large scale. They only need to be well thought out and consistent.
  • Client Service. Providing personalized service to your clients enhances their overall experience with your firm. Consistent client service helps to build loyalty.
  • In-house Programming.  Invite your clients to your business.   Show them you know what is happening in the field by developing programming which highlights your knowledge around topics that are important to clients.
  • Ask.  Sometimes clients just need to be asked nicely.  If you are thrilling them with excellent service and a superb product, they will probably be happy to refer you to someone else or think of new ways you can work with them.