Make It Personal

When I meet someone who runs a small business or a law firm, I am often asked… with so many choices for how to market my services, where should I begin?    In my mind, there is only one answer.  Make it personal.  Building long-term, trusting relationships with clients and referral sources is one of the most important marketing strategies out there.

Whether  launching an inaugural marketing program, defining an existing strategy or expanding markets for your business, getting in front of people in a meaningful and personal way makes all the difference.

A good place to start?  Understand how to build lasting relationships.  Teaming up with a professional consultant can help you see your business more objectively, helping you to reach your audience in an effective, personalized way.

The next step– study your business development history, find the sweet spot and set realistic, short- and long-term goals.

Then, get started!  Select someone to help you craft your path to success.  That person is me.  Deb Scaringi.